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Q - time (Q time) of absorption Cup Web-Page OPEN!
A site for exclusive use of a thing of patent product "absorption Cup" which was results of research of "beauty and health" of a spontaneous cure power active medical research institute opened from the New Year.
The details to this place. (January 1, 2007)


An industry-university co-operation collaboration starts for effect evaluation of “Kai-Kai”.
An evaluation study begins in this January with a radiological and teeth-straightening professor of the hospital attached to a university.
We announce it about result and an evaluation result sometime soon.

Health magazine "healthy March issue"(March, 2006 issue)
The article publication "key point that works for a distortion of a face" of “Kai-Kai”.
  ---> The details


2004 all Japan gymnastics competition championship advertisement cooperation --->The details


The players used “Kai-Kai” in gymnastics competition Athens Olympics all-star representative training camp.(June, 2004)
In an all-star representative training camp of the man’s gymnastics competition Athens Olympics, the players used “Kai-Kai” and they did balance adjustment of the body.--->The details

Health magazine "Wakasa April issue"(April, 2004 issue)
The article publication of “Kai-Kai”"pollinosis / terrible special effect key point that you do not medicine."
--->The details


Golf magazine " ALBA February 26th issue"(February, 2004 issue)Article publication of an anti-pollinosis measure "pollinosis key point stimulation art".
--->The details

CATV Yokohama Himawari Network
"A miracle experience, Effect proof of “Kai-Kai”mouthpiece.”
“Kai-Kai” was introduced as a mouthpiece of a miracle. (2001 broadcast)

Send to the 19th healthy expositions for display. (March, 2001)
Large popularity was acquired under the experience medical treatment of "Kai-Kai".
An article of a healthy exhibition to this place.

Trend magazine : The "DIME March issue" (the March 2, 2000 issue)
As pollinosis measure goods, "Kai-Kai" was taken up.

"Fuji Evening"(February 23, 1999)
The coverage report of "Kai-Kai" was carried.

Healthy magazine "Daizyobu (It is OK)" (the April, 1998 issue)
Dr. Hagiwara was chosen as "This is 14 skilled physicians of famous Japan",
and the new treatment by "Kai-Kai" was introduced.

Just "Cures Pollinosis" (1999 broadcast)
"Kai-Kai" was introduced by “Cures Pollinosis”.

TBS television
"Joho Mogitate Salad (information salad which has just finished picking it off )" (1999 broadcast)
"Pollinosis is cured ! " "Kai-Kai" was introduced.

Healthy magazine "Ansin (relief) April issue" (April, 1999 issue)
Theadvertisement article of "Kai-Kai" was carried.

Healthy magazine "Soukai (exciting) March issue"(the March, 1999 issue)
Theadvertisement article of "Kai-Kai" was carried.

TBS television
"Friday Star of Television : Sensation ! They are Japanese Skilled physicians" (1999 broadcast)
It was introduced Dr. Hagiwara as a skilled physician of Japan and "Kai-Kai" was introduced.

Healthy magazine "Daizyobu (It is OK)" (the May, 1998 issue)
“Kai-Kai” was taken upwith latest key point medical treatment "diet".

Healthy magazine "Daizyobu (It is OK)" (the March, 1998 issue)
Theadvertisement article of "Kai-Kai" was carried.

TBS television "Kaiketsu doctor land" (1993 broadcast)
On the theme of "Curing overweight by the manual therapeutics method",
Dr. Hagiwara challenged Dump Matsumoto's ( Woman Japanese famous pro-wrestler)diet !