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Effect of “Kai-Kai”

voice of a user

first utterance: 70% of the experience says “It seems to be magic!” or “miracle !”.

(53 age/ male)
It is already more than 15 years ago. I felt the pain on my shoulder. I couldn’t put up my arm right above and if I would give it forcibly, there was a considerable pain. I went to the houses of bonesetting and the hospitals etc. here and there. My body improved to some extent, but I did not get satisfactory result and already almost gave it up. However, another person does not understand that arm does not rise, but it is a hard thing. In such a case, I knew “Kai-Kai” by an introduction from a friend. To be frank, I did not trust it, but tried to go to Dr.Hagiwara's hospital for trial because it was recommendation from a friend. Then how! While “Kai-Kai” was in my mouse, my arm was given to right above. My arms were just close together beside an ears. Although I do not understand why the thing like such a miracle breaks out, it is a thing with the effect which recovery of the manual therapeutics balance by key point stimulation. By the way, in the case of me, not only a distortion of the backbone but also a pelvis seems to have been considerably warped. That reminds me it was the work that my work used a lot of comparatively physical right side. My arms came to rise to right above even if I did not use “Kai-Kai”. However, I sometimes use it somehow uneasily. I think that the one is in good condition with a whole body. I can meet with “Kai-Kai” and think that it was really good. And there is a lot of thanks to my friend who introduced “Kai-Kai”. I was sorry without trusting it at first! But now thank you very much.

(38age / female )

I am comparatively healthy one, and what the serious illness that seems to be almost disease did is not. But there can be the thing that it is one depression. As for it, stiffness in the shoulders and the neck remainder are bad, and it is the feeling that seems to add a weight of lead to a neck.I went to the hospital because of testing, stiffness in the shoulders happening if I had poor tooth or eyesight, but the abnormality in particular was not. It was slightly early for farsightedness, and the abnormality was not yet found in even examination of internal medicine. I do not live a particularly strange life.

There can be such a thing, and I liked various hygiene and tested many methods. I read healthy magazines well, too. The hygiene that I tested may become it than ten several kinds till now. There was a good thing to some extent, but did not last long probably because there was not perseverance for me.

However, I went the other day because a healthy exhibition was Tokyo BIC site. And I will test “Kai-Kai” accidentally. Because there was an experience corner, I waited for a turn and experienced it. Then, surprisingly, a shoulder lightened after one minute attached “Kai-Kai”. Afterwards circulation of blood seems to have improved suddenly, and the depths of a neck became warm this time, and it was the feeling that the weight which got on a shoulder was removed. I was surprised at an immediate effect of “Kai-Kai” very much. Because it is several times in a day, use of once around 3 minutes, even I that this is fickle think that it is possible and I purchase it at once and use it.Thank you, I was freed from stiffness in the shoulders and the neck remainder, and every day was able to feel bright.

(26 age / female)

It is me who have pollinosis as I get tired of that spring comes every year. When it is this time, a nose appears trailingly and does not become clear to a head. I sometimes use nasal inflammation medicine, but am troubled a little because I become sleepy. In addition, I do not want to take medicine as much as possible. It is a really depressed season. I knew that there was a thing of “Kai-Kai” on TV in such a case. Because a place was near, I went to the Dr. Hagiwara’ house of treatment directly. When I heard how to make and a wearing method and tried to really put it on, nose jamming was reduced considerably on the spot. It is the reassuring feeling that had a strong friend of an anti-pollinosis measure.

I became slightly glad to appear to the effect that did not even think besides pollinosis.

Eyes were not tired. Swelling of a face seems to have been gone and seems to have felt fine at a face. The weight does not change, but my friend asked "Do you get thinner recently?" I asked Dr. Hagiwara “Because of “Kai-Kai”?” It is for other people to have such an effect. "So…" I feel seeming to have profited for a little.

internal medicine doctor of medicine

(Dr. K 63 age)

Cerebrovascular disorder

I was troubled with a headache, stiffness in the shoulders, asthenopia since I was operated on for cerebrovascular disorder ten years ago. I was surprised that these unpleasant symptoms became extinct immediately when it was introduced mouthpiece “Kai-Kai” and tested it very much. As for this, It gives a parasympathetic good stimulation, and it is thought bloodstream to a brain to be increase. I seem to be one flight of a good news to a person troubled with quadriplegia for cerebrovascular disorder.

I met Dr. K in April, Heisei 13 for the first time. He was suffered from cerebrovascular disorder in those days and seems to have been absent from a medical service for aftereffects for two years. An epilepsy stroke of four or five times was in one week and took a pain-killer for stiffness in the shoulders and a headache every day. Furthermore, he put two sort of the eye drops on a day, and it was suffered from asthenopia very much. I had then him use it willingly when I called out to him "This workes for stiffness in the shoulders well". "Daily life became comfortable thanks to “Kai-Kai”" I had him please when hard stiffness was gone instantly. The tongue which did the color that is dirty since an operation. He use “Kai-Kai” ten times on one day, and watch his tongue in a mirror when the eighth day passed.His tongue is pink normalcy, and he is very surprised. It is for bloodstream to a brain to become good that a color of a tongue becomes good. "This is good for a person of aftereffects of cerebrovascular disorder"He wrote the note mentioned above with pleasure. Thereafter a stroke of epilepsy seems to be never generated when I meet him four months later. The family testified in the same way, too.When I met him in May, Heisei 14, he told me that he started to go only a house call a little.

( 58 age / male )
qigong treatment

Postoperative trouble

Three months later, there was stiffness of my neck and shoulders after operating for a pacemaker, and arms did not rise and I was not able to sleep soundly for a pain at night either. Arms rose on the spot when I was introduced “Kai-Kai” and tested it and, without stiffness of a neck and a shoulder, got possible to sleep soundly. It seems to be magic and is surprised at “Kai-Kai”.

(27age female)
PC office work


A work handle tended to hit a PC all day and was exhausted so that eyes were not opened. However, I became fine without physical tiredness and stiffness of the worst neck since I used “Kai-Kai”. I feel like letting energy springs out from a body and reinforce spontaneous cure power.

(39 age female)

Spino-cerebellar degeneration

I become sick two years ago and move in posture on all fours at home. When I wanted to go to a restroom, what I polluted without being in time even if I crawled happened quite often. Going out points out a stick and walks slowly while being careful about my foot step by step. I stopped while hitting a stick even if I went for shopping and was not able to read an explanation of an article. However, I got possible to walk without a stick on the fifth day when I had Dr. Hagiwara put on “Kai-Kai”, and even quick steps did not need to use a stick on the seventh day. A small letter of a bottle of cosmetics came to be readable if I hit a stick by shopping on the fifth day. In addition, when I sat down on a toilet seat of a restroom, I minded an omission of urine and came to just fall down to a toilet seat from behind without a knee turning when eager and hit the back of the head on a wall frequently when I made a bad job, but got possible to sit down without now physical hardness easily. It became rare that I polluted it at home.It was said that a state of contraction of the cerebellum improved by periodical inspection after one month.

A diary extract of progress

“Kai-Kai” wearing

When I got up, even as for hypotensive me, a joint felt like melting when I attached “Kai-Kai”, and a body felt like moving well.

I notice myself who walks without hitting a stick too much.

A walk feels comfortable while I am shopping.

I walked too long from this morning, so when I tried to walk suddenly, I felt that my thigh becomes stiff, and have it cramped.

I got possible to stand still with an article while shopping.I understood an explanation column of the bottom of an article slowly, and evaluation came to be possible. I am glad. Though I was not able to do it unless I held onto somebody before.

I went to matumotokiyosi(shop name) today. Because I was able to watch an article for a longer time without falling down, and I was able to take in the security that could do shopping alone. I am glad to hear that “you got possible to walk without using a stick !” from Dr. Hagiwara.

60's female

It suffers from a collagen disease.

I became collagen disease for eight years, and a trial did not improve by various cures. I think coming together of a tooth to come to get over and continue taking treatment for approximately 6 years, but do not improve. I am barely enough to support myself to go out and do not do work since I become sick either. I tested “Kai-Kai” of a mouthpiece given by Dr. Hagiwara in a certain meeting. Power came to be in legs on the next day, and a body got possible to walk lightly as in the past, too. It was pointed out torsion of philosophic appearance when I had Dr. Hagiwara examine it because there was the place where I did not get a prop of the right back of the head even if I passed for one week. My body became still more comfortable since I cured the part. It passed for two weeks, but entirely became a different body.

31age / psychiatry doctor / female

Temporomandibular arthrosis

From about 18 years old, a right temporomandibular joint came to come off well. Because It was often generated, I got possible to enter by myself forcibly. Lumbago, stiffness in the shoulders became terrible since the age of 20 years old. From about 22 years old, a waist was always elaborate from a right neck and suffered. I continued treatment of temporomandibular arthrosis from 28 years old for three years, but photographed MRI without improving. There was not the abnormality of a tissue, but took a rest without having work. I tested it in the dentist who got to know by treatment of coming together should have come to have used “Kai-Kai”. It passed for one week, but I improved considerably and brought myself to work at a hospital from next month.

(22age / female )
office worker


Mucus always appears every year during until April from February and is absentminded to my head. Because I felt scary with medicine before, I do not take medicine of pollinosis. When I knew “Kai-Kai” on TV and had Dr. Hagiwara put it on, it was clogged up on the spot, and a painful nose went through. I did “Kai-Kai” every day, but most of the pollinosis improved. My whole body became light and became it without stiffness in the shoulders.

67age / female

Hepatitis C

I had hepatitis C in August, Heisei 13. Because my older sister said that her body was considerably comfortable after she did "Kai-Kai", so I had her introduce it. I thought that spontaneous cure power should have done activity and attached “Kai-Kai” on April 21. It became two columns all the time till then to have been three columns of numerical value when it inspected it on May 8. I am surprised very much and am pleased.

Mother of a girl of 12 age

Congenital frequent occurrence arthrogryposis

By nature, her joint was hard, and the daughter visited a hospital for treatment for a follow-up. However, I visited Dr. Hagiwara because the side wooden bowl symptom got worse suddenly. Daughter began to use “Kai-Kai” and, for one week, put it on diligently.

An elbow and the knee which had not finished growing considerably grew, I was surprised. In addition, a part of the root of a foot came to open well when she sat cross-legged. I think that it should give the side wooden bowl symptom towards a direction of healing, and hope springs out.

35 age / housewife

Side wooden bowl symptom

My daughter said that a waist was elaborate since the second grade at an elementary school and did not understand it ,even if she went to the hospital, but at the age of a fifth grader, it was said with a side wooden bowl symptom at school. I understand that a back bends considerably now. Because she said that she had a pain in a neck, I gave the corset made in the child medical center. But it is inconvenience for her daily life and its appearance is bad, so she doesn’t wear it. Because it is a girl, she mind it even more. It is said that “Kai-Kai” is effective against the side wooden bowl symptom and tests it. She did not appeal for stiffness of a neck and fatigue of a waist after approximately one week passed either. It is the fifth month, but seems to be well now. I am the gladdest that her expression became bright.

(29 age / female)
office worker

Atopic dermatitis

Now I use “Kai-Kai” every day by Dr. Hagiwara’s advice. However, there are two things that I wonder. One is atopic dermatitis troubled since a child. It becomes particularly terrible and strongly appear in the inside of an elbow and the back of a knee and a hairline of hair in turning points of a season. I tested every method so far, but was not able to improve. The place that came to have festered by the fourth day when I tested “Kai-Kai” began to dry, and a symptom improved. Without an itch, I improved than before without depending on power such as medicine. 80% improved in three weeks. I look forward to changing clearly every day. The second is that an eyestrain, fatigue of a stiffness in the shoulders arm became easy. It was work handling PC or an electronic calculator, but when I concentrated, I was tired and came to feel sick from asthenopia.

However, I can realize that my pain and stiffness in the shoulders of eyes can be taken surprisingly by myself when I am wearing “Kai-Kai” with me in a company in an interval of work. And a pain of eyes was not felt at all now every day by what I kept. It is really happy. There are a lot when I put up a small part, but I thank “Kai-Kai” which led a problem of these two that the most troubled with me in everyday life to a direction of solution.

I completely improved because I followed “Kai-Kai” for six months and became skin of a normal person.

38 age / housewife

An examinee

If it is October, study for examination is final. I always massaged a back of my son every day because my son appealed for stiffness of a neck and a back. I heard reputation of “Kai-Kai” and gave a son “Kai-Kai”. I had teaching about everyday modi vivendi from Dr. Hagiwara. Then he did not appeal for stiffness, and study progressed, too. He seems to feel fine at eyes when he follows “Kai-Kai” when sleepiness happened. He was able to enter a junior high school desired thanks to “Kai-Kai”.

77age / female

A pain of a knee

I support my body with a stick for four years. It was hard for me because of the pain of my knee to walk, to stand and to sit down and to go out for a half year. With my daughter, I went to the hospital of Dr. Hagiwara. My foot lightened I got “Kai-Kai” because I was long from the hospital and cannot go to treatment but I was able to walk without aching. I stood for two weeks, but become very comfortable.

56age / male /
sales man

Arthralgia by artificial dialysis

I was dialyzed more than 20 years and when I took off clothes and wore it, my joint and a muscle were painful every day. My pain softened after using “Kai-Kai”, and movement was not accompanied with pain. I thank “Kai-Kai”.

(52 age / male/)

Eye disease becomes easy

Several times a year, an intraocular pressure sometimes became it than 40 by an eye disease of 30 years and watched fog and had an unpleasant headache and dealt with oral medicine and eye drops then. However, an intraocular pressure does not rise anymore more than one year after using “Kai-Kai” and is stable. There were aftereffects of whiplash, too, and asthenopia was generated well and drank commercial painkiller. Eyes were not tired recently, too. I do not take a medicine at all.

36 age / female /
public employee

Lumbago / Sciatic neuralgia

I hurt a waist with a ski and, for 12 years, wake up for a pain of a waist every morning. I had a pain in a waist to both buttocks and the tip of a foot, and it was hard that I stood by a commuter train every morning. But a pain of from waist to foot became easy since I used “Kai-Kai”. I attach “Kai-Kai” before coming out of the bed if I wake every morning. Then I discovered that my pain of a waist became easy, and movement was taken its ease.

53 age / female /
dress designer

Headache / Chronicity nasal inflammation /Small face

I was always troubled for 365 days for around 20 years by a hard headache. “Please, test this, as you think that you were deceived.” When it was offered to an older brother and used "Kai-Kai", the headache as I wanted to take a medicine was not generated. It became very comfortable that there was always an unpleasant symptom for chronic nasal inflammation. Surprisingly, a muscle of cheeks is tightened, and lips are tightened, too and I think ,as a result, my face shrank.

50 age / female /
accounting office worker


Before marriage, for about 30 years I suffered from a headache every day. I worried about that there is no abnormality, if I had examination by MRI. A headache is gone from the day when I followed “Kai-Kai” and I am very fine until today after 10days.

51 age / male /

By the clinical survey

It was said that I could discover minute cancer with possibility to have in the future by a clinical survey and underwent an examination of helical CT. Then the clear cancer which was not minute was discovered. Cancer was gone really when I reexamined after using “Kai-Kai” for two months. The doctor looked puzzled. I was given a copy of a film for memory.

After using “Kai-Kai”

(1) It came to be put straight up both arms overhead.

(2) Both hands came to reach the floor by flexion movement.

(3) A physical pinch smoothened, and my partner of a dance said “My dance became better because of you.”.

68 age / female

High blood pressure

More than 20 years, I take a hypertensive medicine. When I was the most terrible, mercury of a sphygmomanometer had been to the top, and a doctor was upset. Blood pressure is stable without an ill feeling of a head since I come to attach “Kai-Kai” now.

" It becomes very good recently." The doctor talks in way that It seems to be mysterious. I do not tell “Kai-Kai” to the doctor.

42 age / male /
Instructor sports

Frozen shoulder

When a shoulder hurts for one month and I grow my elbow and put up my arm, It go only to a place of an ear. There was inconvenience in movement. Ability came to rise on the spot to right above when I attached “Kai-Kai”. I am really amazed.

56 age / male /
Self-employed people

Chronic gastritis

When I try to test it for one week….

(1) Gastritis disappeared.
(2) An erection function is different from the past.
(3) Quantity of urine increased.
(4) Sleepiness of driving a car fades away immediately.
(5) Migraine headache fades away.
(6) Lumbago when I get up in the morning fades away.
(7) A pain of both arms fades away.

62 age / male

A pain of the side

I suffered from cerebral infarction two years ago. When I had a pain in many places of a body, and “Kai-Kai” seemed to be good for a disease of a brain, I was brought to Yokohama.A pain of the calf which I had always was gone when I used “Kai-Kai”. When 10 minutes passed, this time, I noticed that there was not a pain of the side which I did not break for four years till then. A pain of the side is the pain that is stabbed in red-hot tongs. I went around five or six university hospitals of Tokyo, but was not cured. I was not able to sit down for a pain for a long time. In a seat for 2 people, I had to do my body diagonally to sit down on a seat of the train. However, I was able to sit down in a train of a return commonly. I am alright incredibly until today of the eighth day.


Terminal lung cancer

Dr. Hagiwara of a developer of “Kai-Kai” entrusted an older sister of a patient with “Kai-Kai” for 40 days before a terminal lung cancer woman dying of 43 years old and had her test it. I asked for the wearing of “Kai-Kai” for two minutes hourly, before Deglutition in particular to wear by all means for two minutes.

(1) When she cannot endure that a pain was strong, a pain-killer was poured when she pushed a button of a machine which could soften for a pain. However, the number of times to push a button was reduced to half from the next day when she attached “Kai-Kai”. The doctor and the nurse of at-home medical examination and treatment of her said that she came to look healthy.

(2) She was not able to take a medicine from a mouth for difficulty of deglutition, but ate ice cream on the fourth day. Two weeks later, she got possible to eat udon and spaghetti.

50age / male /
Security firm duty


I did judo since I was young, so my back was elaborate with a stoop well, and it happens quite often recently that a chest becomes painful. After my wearing "Kai-Kai", the back remainder and the pain of the chest disappeared. It often happened that the depths of eyes are painful because of myopia and farsightedness, but they also disappeared.

58 age / female

Mother who is entering a nursing home

I who suffered from strong stiffness in the shoulders became comfortable by "Kai-Kai".

So I took my mother who lives in nursing home to give “Kai-Kai” to the hospital. I follow 2,3 times reaction and pull it to let mother who sat on a chair stand. Because power is not in a waist, she cannot stand. She puts her both hands on my palm and she bet all weight on her hand to walk and walks step by step. My mother chewed a meal with a meal closed in a mouth and was not able to readily swallow it. However, she was able to stand easily once when I led mother who sat down by the hand after having attached “Kai-Kai” for about 5 minutes. Though she sprinkled all weight in my both hands to walk and walked, she got possible to walk even if she doesn’t put her power so much on my hands. About the meal at a home, she attaches “Kai-Kai” before to eat for two minutes, she can finish eating early. I asked a person of a nursing home to put on “Kai-Kai” to mother before eating.

By experient at an medical office of S Co., Ltd.(One week later)

(1) Doctor = cold-related nasal inflammation: Nasal mucus decreased.

(2) Nurse = It is set a limit to lumbago, exercise of a neck: It was improved by the night.

(3) Nurse = Lumbago: A prop of a foot and a pain of a waist became easy.

(4) Allergic rhinitis:A sneeze and the number of times to blow its nose decreased three or four days later.

(5) Nurse = Cutitis of both arms from several months before:A symptom is reduced.

(6) Office worker = Atopic dermatitis: An itch was improved from the time on the fourth day.

(7) Office worker = Swelling of a foot is terrible of the pregnancy: Swelling of a foot was gone.